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EU consumer climate at its highest level in nine years

Results of the GfK Consumer Climate Europe study for the fourth quarter of 2016

Overall, consumer confidence in Europe experienced very positive growth in the fourth quarter of 2016. The GfK consumer climate for the 28 EU countries rose by 5.6 points to 17.9 points in December, its highest value since January 2008. Over the year, the individual indicators – economic and income expectations and propensity to buy – did not develop uniformly. You can see the indicators of 16 European countries on our website:

The topics dominating headlines in Europe during the fourth quarter of 2016 were the war in Syria, terrorism in Europe, the US presidential election at the end of November, and the continued rise of nationalist parties and tendencies in virtually all European countries. It is clearly evident, however, that all this negative news has not rubbed off on consumers. It appears that Europeans are being increasingly selective as to precisely which topics they allow to have an influence on their daily lives. As a result, the economic and income expectation and propensity to buy indicators have been largely unaffected by the war in Syria, developments in Turkey, the US presidential election, and the ongoing threat of terror in Europe. Instead, economic growth figures in the individual countries have played a more significant role. Consequently, the GfK consumer climate for the 28 EU countries rose by 5.6 points to 17.9 points between September and December.

... for more information on the single countries, please, download the indicator charts or maps or klick on the PDF ...

Deutschland: Pressemeldung - Landkarten - Indikatorencharts

France: communiqué de presse - cartes - diagrammes indicateurs

Italia: comunicato stampa - mappe - grafici indicatore

España: mapas - gráficos de indicadores

Portugal: Comunicado de imprensa - mapas - gráficos indicadoras

Ελλάδα: δελτίο τύπου - χάρτες - διαγράμματα δείκτης

Nederland: persbericht - kaarten - indicator charts

België: persbericht - kaarten - indicator charts

Belgique: communiqué de presse - cartes - diagrammes indicateurs

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Česká republika: tisková zpráva - mapy - indikátor grafy

Slovensko: Izjava za javnost - mapy - indikátor grafy

Slovenija: maps - indikator karte

România: Comunicat de presă - Hărți - diagrame indicatoare

България: съобщение за печата - карти - индикаторни диаграми

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