NewYork, 25.03.2015

Data-Rich E-Commerce Platform Gives Online Marketers New Tools to Boost Conversion Rates


GfK enhances Spex Access product database with deeper text, imagery, videos

On average, online shoppers open their virtual wallets to spend over $500 million daily on Internet purchases* – usually relying on information they found on e-commerce sites. With its newly enhanced Spex Access platform, GfK’s Etilize team is empowering online brands and sellers alike to increase conversion rates, giving them a host of new tools for engaging consumers and analyzing success rates.

Through Spex Access, GfK supplies product data to more resellers, distributors, manufacturers, and pricing portals than any other US provider. Online sellers can access up-to-date descriptions, rich content, and images for over 4 million products, and manufacturers can have greater control over how their brands are portrayed on thousands of retail websites. 

To learn more about becoming a Spex Access client, click here, or contact Summer Matthews​.

Using the new Spex Access, retailers and manufacturers can draw on both structured and unstructured A+ content to provide online shoppers with a rich blend of enhanced marketing and brand pages, high-resolution images, videos, and links to social media sites. In addition, consumers have access to 57 million product reviews (powered by AlaTest).

The improved platform also gives manufacturers and sellers new tools and insights, such as 

  • ​Analytics on top search categories, month-by-month market trends, and data by geographical region (to the SKU level)
  • Daily updates of distributor requests, showing which SKUs are being requested
  • Branded portals that give resellers access to a manufacturer’s entire catalog
  • Customizable analytics on product reviews and consumer sentiment
  • Pricing and share of advertising space analytics

“GfK is committed to providing consumers with a top-notch shopping experience while helping us understand our users better,” said Andrea Caletti, Head of Global Web Operations for Acer. “Spex Access is a solid solution for enabling optimized product data across thousands of sites, and helping manufacturers and retailers market more effectively.”

“At a time when online consumers have so many options for what and where to buy, rich information and interactivity are essential tools for grabbing and holding their attention,” said GfK’s Adnan Memon, Business Solutions Architect. “Our Spex Access enhancements make sure that manufacturers and sellers can put their best foot forward. We also give our clients key tools for tracking how consumers are responding and making adjustments on the fly.”

* Source: Wall Street Journal, citing Forrester Research

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