NewYork, 10.04.2019

At ARF AudiencexScience, MRI-Simmons experts will focus on elevating sample quality, maintaining consistency in audience segments


Millman, Pisano will be featured in “Identity, Targeting & Validation” track at AudiencexScience 2019

As brands embrace sophisticated models of targeting and analytics, researchers need to stay focused on the quality and consistency of the underlying data. What are the best-in-class methods for maintaining the integrity of audience segments across several platforms? How can researchers leverage advanced techniques to improve the reliability of online data sets?

In two sessions at next week’s ARF AudiencexScience conference, two MRI-Simmons experts will share insights on key aspects of data reliability and audience uniformity. The event is taking place April 15th and 16th at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, NJ.

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Debiasing data from online surveys

At 2:30PM on April 15th, Steven Millman (Chief Scientist, MRI-Simmons) will present “Calibrating Bias in Online Samples for High-Quality Surveys at Scale.” Millman will explore techniques for debiasing online survey panel data, which has become a dominant source for consumer insights.

People who make the decision to monetize their use of the internet through online survey panels differ from the general population in a variety of important ways. Millman will share insights from a new analysis, which compared results for the same survey on Simmons’ National Consumer Survey – which is based on a random probability sample – and an opt-in online version. The research identifies the kinds of questions that can and cannot be debiased through weighting.

Throughout his career, Millman has maintained a focus on quantitative and statistical analysis, survey, research design, and other applied research techniques. Prior to joining MRI-Simmons, Millman was Senior Vice President for Research at comScore, where he led the ad effectiveness line of business, along with all custom survey work, combining self-report with behavioral data.

Bridging the offline, digital worlds

At 3PM the same day, Josh Pisano (SVP, Data Innovation & Strategy, MRI-Simmons) will take part in a presentation focusing on “A Segment’s Journey,” joining Pete Doe (CRO, clypd) and Bryan Donovan (VP, Data Strategy & Acquisition, Acxiom). The companies will share findings from a collaborative study of audience segment consistency across marketing platforms.

The new research assesses how consumer audience segments evolve as they make their way from self-reported survey data culled from representative samples into linear and digital activation platforms via data fusion, modeling, and identity mapping.

Pisano has played a central role in MRI’s digital transformation, giving top-quality data from the Survey of the American Consumer® a growing presence in ad targeting. Pisano handles a wide variety of roles at MRI-Simmons, from managing partnerships with major digital players to developing applications that meet MRI clients' latest needs.

About MRI-Simmons

Launched as a joint venture under GfK in 2019, MRI-Simmons combines the assets and expertise of two of the leading consumer insights providers in the US.  Together, they will offer agency, media, and advertiser clients the best in research and technology with the highest quality data, the strongest strategic partnerships, the most innovative digital platforms, and intuitive, easy-to-use visual reporting.

MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer® – which has maintained MRC accreditation for over 20 years – is used in the majority of US media and marketing plans and has long been the industry standard for magazine audience ratings. Through 24,000 in-person interviews each year, MRI captures in-depth information on consumer media choices, attitudes, and consumption of products and services in nearly 600 categories.

Simmons measures American consumer psychographics, preferences, attitudes, and media behaviors by closely overlaying survey and passively measured data using advanced measurement sciences. For more than 60 years, Simmons has helped leading brands, agencies, and media companies effectively engage with consumers, providing measurement of over 200,000 consumer elements.


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