Leuven, 09.06.2022

Coca-Cola is again the most chosen FMCG brand in Belgium

Stable ranking of most chosen brands

Coca-Cola is again the most chosen brand, both globally as in Belgium. Belgian households decided 52 million times to put the soft drink brand in their shopping basket. Lay’s and LU complete the top 3.

Purchase behavior of Belgian households stabilizes again since the outbreak of COVID-19. The turnover increase in the FMCG market resulted in 2 out of 3 brands being purchased more often since the pandemic. Families mostly went for reliability in times of uncertainty, which they found mostly by buying the big famous brands.

In 2021 purchase behavior shifts again to a situation more similar to that of the pre corona era. 55% of all FMCG brands got purchased more often, though that’s significantly down compared to last year. It’s also not the big brands anymore that drive this positive number, but rather the smaller ones that now cause the uplift. These are findings GfK registers based on Consumer Reach Points (CRP). CRP consists of 3 different parameters: population size, the relative number of buying households, and their purchase frequency per product segment.

Based on Consumer Reach Points, Coca-Cola again leads the charts and is the most chosen brand in Belgium. Households made the choice to buy Coca-Cola 52 million times. Thanks to a status quo in a stable market, the soft drink brand manages to keep its distance from the competition. Lay’s ends up on spot 2 and was chosen in 47 million decision moments. LU, Côte D’Or and Lotus complete the top 5.


Might you be interested to learn more about this research and the corresponding results? Please take a look at the MOST CHOSEN BRANDS. And feel free to contact Dimitri Leys (dimitri.leys@gfk.com), when having questions. 


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