Leuven, 22.06.2022

5 years of top market research on Belgian travel behavior

In partnership with GfK, the Association of Belgian Travel Organisers (ABTO) has been publishing the ABTO Travel Trends Report (ATTR) for five years now. Every month, it provides a comprehensive picture of 43 key elements of Belgian travel behaviour. The GFG Travel Intentions Report (GTIR) was launched a little later and provides a quarterly insight into the travel intentions of Belgians. A unique, detailed, and extensive dataset of market intelligence, which is currently being examined by ECTAA for roll-out in other European countries plays an important role in gathering information and advice.

The 43 parameters covered by the ATTR include sociographic data, data on booking, transport, accommodation, booking method, destination data, departure and booking periods, planned activities, travel party composition and general travel behaviour:

The GTIR surveys the travel intentions of Belgian consumers. Those who have not booked yet give an insight into what they are planning for the coming 24 months. Are they planning to travel and where will they go? With which means of transport? What budget are they prepared to spend? And what kind of accommodation choice would they make?

This broad and continuously updated source of information on the Belgian traveler provides us with a valuable tool, a unique and strategic knowledge of the market. A so-called 'crystal ball' that allows us to know not only what is already booked, but also what Belgians are planning for the next 24 months and what emerging changes in travel behaviour we can expect. For our members in the travel industry, this means they can not only generate their own tailor-made reports, but also identify macro-trends in the broadest sense and integrate the various pieces of information into their business planning and budgeting, marketing campaigns and promotional actions," explains Pierre Fivet, Market Intelligence Project Manager at ABTO.

No other country in Europe is able to provide such a detailed and extensive set of data. Both reports have also rapidly become the main source of information on the travel industry for the Belgian media, with ABTO regularly publishing the latest trends, data and analyses. In times of uncertainty, access to a customised source such as these reports is essential to provide perspective and report on what is really happening, rather than speculating on it

 A strong partnership

ABTO is incredibly proud of these 2 research tools developed with GfK. Pierre Fivet: "The close collaboration with GfK has been crucial in reaching these milestones. Their team understands our business and helps us get the most out of the data. Throughout our cooperation, and most recently during the pandemic, we have appreciated GfK's flexibility and support. We look forward to continuing to work together as the travel industry recovers".  

 Wim Boesmans, Commercial Director at GfK, further comments: "Over the past 4 years we have been able to build up a fine and unique partnership with ABTO, something that we as GfK are very proud of. Thanks to very close contact and open & transparent communication, we manage to keep a close eye on things and respond well to ABTO's needs. The pandemic period has further strengthened our relationship. Today, ABTO & GfK have taken the next step together and are currently working on the European roll-out of the project. Again, we are joining forces and we naturally hope to further expand our unique story."

 To learn more about the research tools and the cooperation between ABTO and GfK, please read the attached article.

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Press contact: ABTO: Pierre Fivet,, T +32 479 99 43 91, pierre@fivetconsulting.be

Press contact: GfK: Laura Gilson, T +32 472 59 73 02, Laura.Gilson@gfk.com


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