Wild Bird Care market flies high after strong growth 2 years in a row

2015 was a strong year for the bird care market, growing 15% in value compared to 2014. Growth continued on into 2016, with a 6% increase in both value and volume making 2016 the most valuable year in the past 5.

With the recent variability of the weather, it seems that the market is more sensitive to brand and retailer activity than to weather conditions for the birds. Growth in bird accessories accelerates (+27% value), as average price drops by 20% in 2016 compared to last year. The only month where accessories didn’t gain share this year was December – where share has historically been highest. Instead, accessories share peaked in October, while bird feeders grew in the December gifting period.

Within food, there has been significant growth within straights. In particular, dried mealworms increased in value by 20% and 16% in volume. Despite a price increase of the mealworm category, strong growth has been driven by price declines on key products.

Sunflower hearts supported straights growth (+8% value, 4% volume), as price declines on larger pack sizes may have influenced customers to trade up. Can this upward trajectory continue into 2017 after such strong market development in the past 2 years?

(Wild Bird Care: GfK Panelmarket excluding Ironmongers)