Which health & lifestyle type are you?

COVID-19 has made health & wellness top of mind for many of us, yet our increasing focus on our wellbeing predates the outbreak. We all approach it quite differently, while some of us may have experienced a health-scare that forced them to take charge of some aspects of their life, others may choose to live a healthy and mindful lifestyle in all parts of their life.

GfK Consumer Panel and Consumer Life have jointly developed a study giving you the opportunity to get a holistic picture of the health & wellbeing trend in general and to gain an understanding why this topic is more important today than ever before.

In order to understand the shopper behavior around health & wellness, a unique set of five health types has been defined: meet the shortcutters, maximalists, improvers, holistics & particularists!

Get to know their eating & shopping habits, health & wellbeing challenges, attitudes to fitness, mental health and safety, and how this translates into their regard to FMCG. Gain a comprehensive picture of healthy living trends and learn how you can best integrate this into your marketing strategy.

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