Video viewing landscape across devices



With access to more devices and new formats of viewing than ever before, the video viewing landscape is changing rapidly. We’re now viewing videos not only at home and on the go, but also across multiple devices. Subscription video on demand (SVOD) services in particular is growing fast. According to BARB, UK households subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Video and Now TV have increased from 14% to 24% year on year.

Using our single source CrossMedia Link Panel, a passive measurement of consumer behaviour across PCs, tablets and smartphones, we analysed SVOD to non-SVOD usage (any video viewing other than SVOD). This gives us the actual behaviour of these audiences rather than claimed: when and how and why they use their devices.

There are five key takeaways:

 1. Both video viewing increases as we move into the day, however, SVOD usage peaks at home time around 20:00 and 21:00, whereas other video viewing peaks at 19:00, then leaving its place to SVOD in the evening.

2. SVOD users prefer the larger screens of PCs and tablets as they expect a more immersive experience from SVOD viewing, whereas mobile plays a more important role in other formats of video viewing, especially during commuting times.

3. SVOD users are digitally more active and engaged across all devices. SVOD users skew towards technology, food, restaurant and career than others.

4. SVOD users are driven by content. Being subscribed to a video on demand service doesn’t stop them from using other services. For example, 15% of Netflix users also use a Putlocker, an illegal site for video viewing. It is not where they watch, it is what they watch.

5. Easy access to internet and devices means that viewers carry out multiple activities such as checking their Facebook, emails and shopping before, while and after viewing video content.

In this ever connected world, content is still king. However, different content is viewed across different devices so convenience and flexibility are just as important. Every video service provider and device plays a different role in viewers’ lives. Our CrossMedia Link tool helps you understand this complex video viewing landscape and much more.

Do you want to find out more? Please email me at Serhat.Ekinci(at)gfk.com (Digital Research Director, CrossMedia Link)