TMRE, 21.09.2020

How social & cultural themes impact pandemic programming & marketing

October 6 | 3pm EST

In 2020, people’s needs, and concerns have changed dramatically – amplifying existing trends, as well as creating new ones. Working with the experts at GfK Consumer Life, A+E has translated these fast-moving developments into programming and real-world actions that tune in to people’s needs in three crucial spheres: “Me,” “We,” and “Us.”


Suzanne Persechino, SVP, Insights Group, A+E Networks

Suzanne Persechino serves as SVP, Insights Group: Audience + Brand at A+E Networks.  Tasked with creating and leading the Insights Group since 2017, Ms. Persechino oversees research across all facets of the consumer journey with special focus on marketing, social media and proprietary studies across the A+E portfolio of brands. Ms. Persechino leads a growing, multi-disciplinary team that utilizes a holistic approach to solving media industry challenges with fresh insights and actionable strategy. 

Jola Burnett, VP, GfK Consumer Life

Jola Burnett is a VP at GfK Consumer Life. Jola is obsessed with the future and has expansive experience in helping brands across industries to prepare for consumers of tomorrow. Jola delivers hard-hitting insights helping organizations set strategic innovation and marketing priorities and identify non-traditional growth opportunities. She is an alumni of Pace University, a member of the Market Research Council and a thought-leader on social media

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