The myth of Millennials – truly an unpredictable target group?

GfK Millennial Report

As Millennials are the new middle class of tomorrow, it is all the more important for companies to deal with this target group. This generation in particular, born between 1982 and 1996, stands out with their high ambivalence: Seeming differences unite in the world of these young adults. The combination of apparent contrasts also reflects in their consumer behaviour.

The GfK Millenial Report guides you through the world of Millennials: What concerns and what motivates them? How do they live? What makes them enthusiastic?

Our report does not simply remain on a descriptive level, but we offer valuable insights in combination with specific recommendations, which will help you to directly address and excite the Millennials. 

GfK Millenial Report is based on the data of one of the world’s longest-standing trend studies: GfK Consumer Life. Our global study delivers you extensive knowledge about values and attitudes of the consumers as well as a broad understanding for their daily life around the topics sport and leisure time, travel, traffic, nutrition, finance, shopping and technology. 

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