The mood of the world today – what are people thinking?

Understand all aspects of consumers’ lives

Tuesday, Sept 12 - Session 1
7:00 AM Eastern // 12:00 PM GMT
Tuesday, Sept 12 - Session 2
1:00 PM Eastern // 6 PM GMT

The Mood of the World is GfK Consumer Life’s first release from our 2017 global study. Conducted annually for the past 20 years, GfK Consumer Life provides visibility to cultural changes and disruptive forces that impact consumers, and interprets what this means for society, industries and businesses. We provide our clients with an understanding of all aspects of consumers’ lives - going beyond the what to the why, the why now and the what next. 

The 2017 Mood of the World, entitled “ Seeking Hope in a Divisive World”, dives into current consumer confidence and other key indicators of the consumer mindset. 

Please join us for this webinar where we will have a panel of Consumer Life experts from around the globe discussing what is today’s mood of the world and what this means for individual markets and brands.