Singapore 19.10.2023

The Future of Foldable Touchscreen Laptops in APAC

In the realm of consumer tech and durables, one trend that has taken center stage is the rise of foldable touchscreen laptops. Mukund Tripathi, APAC Head of Market Intelligence - Tech & Durables at GfK, offers insights into this transformative phenomenon that is capturing the imagination of a broad spectrum of users.

A Device for All: Versatile and Innovative

Foldable touchscreen laptops have emerged as an exciting choice for a diverse range of users, from business professionals and creative minds to students and travelers. Their versatility and innovative features are the driving forces behind their widespread appeal. Tech enthusiasts and early adopters are drawn to the novelty and cutting-edge technology that these laptops offer.

However, the appeal of foldable laptops is not limited to the tech-savvy. Casual users have seamlessly incorporated these devices into their daily routines, recognizing the everyday utility they provide. With the continuous evolution of technology and the increasing accessibility of these devices, it is no surprise that their popularity is poised for growth.

Market Insights: Uncovering the Growth Potential

A detailed market analysis encompassing 12 APAC countries reveals that foldable PCs currently constitute less than 1% of the overall sales volume in the tech and durables category. However, a comparison with the same period in the previous year shows a promising upward trajectory. In the first half of this year, only two models were available in APAC markets, indicating the vast potential that remains untapped.

Revolutionizing Interaction: The Age of Gesture Controls

One remarkable development in this field is the introduction of laptops with gesture controls. This innovation represents a significant leap in human-machine interaction. Gesture control technology has the potential to make foldable touchscreen laptops more intuitive and immersive. It promises to enhance productivity, ignite creativity, and elevate entertainment experiences, all while opening exciting new possibilities for these devices.

Navigating the Future

For businesses and marketers in the consumer tech and durables market, recognizing the significance of foldable touchscreen laptops is essential. Consumer preferences are evolving toward innovative and versatile devices, and businesses need to adapt to these changing tides.

In conclusion, the ascent of foldable touchscreen laptops represents a defining moment in the tech and durables market. As these devices continue to shape the way we work, create, and entertain ourselves, the businesses that embrace this shift stand to thrive in an ever-changing consumer landscape.