Telecom: Clear stagnation in the Telecom business

The Telecom Business ends the year on a barely positive note with a value growth of 1.66% and in volume nearly a break-even (-0.41%).

As predicted, part of the iPhone sales was delayed from September to November due to the later release of the flagship device. Yet we remain dissatisfied, as the postponed sales cannot cover the losses the market has suffered during the previous period, ending this quarter with a weak growth of 1.5%.

Next, I want to talk about the biggest success story of the Telecom Business this year, the Core Wearables! For the fourth quarter in a row, this relatively new segment is ending with a strong growth of 64% in value and 54% in volume. The weight of the month December suggests that many of these innovative devices landed under the Christmas tree. This relatively new Product Group continues to perform at high level ending the year almost as big as the headset segment. At this speed, the core wearables will be listed as the second biggest Product group of Telecom at the end of next year!

Chris Renders – Consultant Consumer Electronics & Telecom