Technical Consumer Goods: across Europe, one in five Euros is spent online




Our GfK Point of Sales Tracking data shows that online sales of Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) in Europe continued to grow during Q1-Q3 2016, reaching 22.5% with a 9% year on year growth rate since 2011.

All sectors, except Photo, grew significantly online. Small Domestic Appliances, Telco and Multifunctional Technical Goods (USB memory stick, memory cards, CDs/DVDs, cables, etc.) contributed all a strong 2-digit growth. Information Technology is the biggest TCG sector online with an online sales penetration of 26% in value terms compared to Consumer Electronics with 11%. Between countries, the share of Internet sales varies widely across Europe with Czech Republic leading the way at 41.1%.

Despite the continuous growth of Internet sales, more than two thirds (77.5%) of all TCG sales take place in a physical store.

Download our infographic for more key facts on online vs. traditional sales of TCG in Europe.


Online vs. traditional sales: key facts for Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) in Europe