Smartphones: positive development of the Belgian market in 2019

After a stable first semester, GfK experts expect the smartphone market in Belgium to grow both in value and number of units sold.

Latest figures released by GfK illustrate the positive dynamic at work on the Belgian market for smartphones. By the end of November 2019, Belgian consumers already bought over 2.6 million smartphones, an increase of +2.8% in units, generating a turnover over 1 billion EUR. 

Caroline Denizot, GfK expert on the Belgian telecom market, explains: 

This situation is very promising for two reasons. Firstly, the January-November trend shows a strong increase in turnover (+6.6%) that is driven by a higher average price per unit. It demonstrates that Belgian consumers are definitely more attracted by Premium smartphones, which has a positive impact on the market value. Secondly, these figures will increase even more thanks to Christmas shopping and December sales: smartphones have been popular high-tech gifts for years now and 2019 will be no exception.

More data will be released by mid-February for the MWC Barcelona.

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