Small Domestic Appliances: Negative end of year for SDA

Small Domestic Appliances posted a volume decline of -2% in the 4th quarter of 2017. With a current value growth of +4% to about €14m at the end of 2017, Shavers was the best performing category in Small Domestic Appliances.

Small Kitchen Appliances

The Kitchen Appliances section was highly impacted by the loss within Fryers (-18%). The drop in the category was not only due to Deep Fryers, but also to the once so very popular Hot Air Fryers. The last few months of the year did not contribute to any growth within Fryers and Kettles and Draught Systems also suffered from a significant slow-down in growth. Hot Beverage Makers remain one of the most popular choices within Small Kitchen Appliances. The category grew in sales by 1%, mainly pushed by the Espresso Machines. Also, Toasters (+2%) and Food Preparation (+2%) achieved nice growth figures at the end of 2017. It is mainly Liquidisers and Food Processors, which drive the Food Preparation category, while Kitchen Machines continue their downwards trend.

Personal Care

Within Personal Care, the category of Shavers is the only group with a positive end-result for 2017. Shavers increased by +4% in sales growth, mainly driven by the Groomers/Trimmers. Hair Stylers (-11%), Hair Clippers (-12%) and Hair Dryers (-9%) suffered badly at the end of 2017.

Home Comfort

The segment of Irons loses sales (-3%) during the Festive Season. Vacuum Cleaners remain the biggest growth driver within SDA, with a nice growth figure of +2%. Both Cylinder Bagged and Cylinder Bag Less might not have reached enormous results at the end of 2017, but the Vacuum Cleaners category keeps on growing within Handsticks. The popularity of the Handstick as a 2nd or Handheld device is not only remarkable in Belgium, but also in other countries. 

Caroline Cauwenberghs - Senior Consultant SDA