Small Domestic Appliances: Let's call summer sales a success story for SDA

The market of small domestic appliances increased 9% in value with significant growth numbers in all segments. We noticed the following trends during the 3rd quarter of the year:

Kitchen Appliances

Food preparation, kettles and hot beverage makers stimulated the market with excellent results. Espresso machines drive the positive evolution within hot beverage makers the last few years, but filter coffee machines managed to grow in the 3rd quarter of the year. The deep fryer market shows a small decline (-1%), where only hot air fryers continue to grow during summer sales.

Personal Care

Strong growth for Personal Care, especially during the July sales. The positive market evolution is mainly pushed by growth within hair dryers, hair stylers and shavers. The decline in Personal Care is caused by dropping sales in dental care (-13%) and hair clippers (-15%). We notice a shift in sales from hair clippers to multi grooming kits. The latter category delivers excellent results in the 3rd quarter of 2017.

Home Comfort

Vacuum cleaners are still booming this quarter with 17%. Cylinder bagless and handsticks show impressive results during July sales. The market for irons achieves significant growth numbers this summer with the focus on ironing system generators and traditional steam irons.

Caroline Cauwenberghs - Senior Consultant SDA


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