Small Domestic Appliances: Everything still positive for SDA

During the third quarter of 2015, we noted again growth for Small Domestic Appliances. Although the global sum is still (modestly) positive, we do see that several subcategories are suffering on the market.

Products that are still performing well are the Kitchen Appliances. This is mainly driven by the ‘Food preparation’ segment, which covers products like Kitchen Machines, Hand Blenders and Liquidisers. These last products definitely push growth here. Also Deep Fryers keep on growing on the market, mainly by sales of the ‘healthy’ fryers where less oil is used.

One product group that does disappoint here are the Hot Beverage Makers. We see sales dropping here for the first time since long.

Other products that are under performing can be found in the ‘personal care’ segment. Here Hair Stylers and Hairclippers show a decline.

Within the Home Comfort segment there’s still growth, but mainly pushed by Vacuum Cleaners. For this group, 2015 has already been an excellent year, and this trend remains during the last quarter.

Caroline Cauwenberghs - Consultant SDA