Leuven 14.03.2019

Retail Reports Q4 2018: Belgium non - food market shows positive results overall

Half of the product categories covered by our panels are struggling, while the other half are in better shape

Another year has passed and that means we can assess the results of the last semester. Looking at the Belgian results for the measured Non-food panels: While roughly half of the panels decreased, the other half unheld their values during the last semester of 2018. As a result of this, the Q4 result is positive overall, with a growth of +2% in comparison to the same period last year.

Trends and growth in specific panels are strong enough to keep the total value of non‑food in the green. The YTD value for retail in general shows a positive, though smaller, growth of +1,6%. The categories that experienced the strongest growth in Q4 are IT & Office (+5,3%) and MDA (+3,9%), while SDA (+3,3%), DIY (+3,1%) and Telecom (+0,3%) were also able to lift up the total value. It seems like many consumers may have postponed DIY chores to the end of the year, due to the exceptionally hot summer of 2018.

In contrast to these, Books (-2,2%) and Stationery (-1,6%) were the panels which suffered the most during the last semester. Consumer Electronics (-1,9%) and Media & Entertainment (-0,3%) also ended the year on a decline. The strong growth contribution of PTV’s, mainly driven by new technology, is tempered by the persisting downturn of the camera industry.

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