Leuven 29.08.2019

Retail Reports Q2 2019: The Belgian non-food market stabilizes

The year starts well, with a value growth of +2%, but this upward trend unfortunately did not last very long. The non-food market ends stable in Q2 (value growth of +0, 03%) compared to the same period last year – due to a majority of the panels (mostly the smaller ones) facing negative numbers. Nevertheless, when we take the whole year 2019 into account, the market grows +1, 7%, thanks to the strong Q1.

After promising results for Consumer Electronics in Q1 (+2,3%), this market shows a substantial decline of -16, 5% in Q2, compared to the same period last year.

CE being the only panel making crazy growth jumps during the second quarter, the results for the rest of the panels are less startling. Information Technology (-0,5%) and Stationary (-0,2%) both hold close to stable, while Media & Entertainment (-3,5%), Fashion (-2,4%) and Photo (-7,6%) experience declines. On the positive side. Books (+2, 4%), DIY (+3, 5%), MDA (+2, 5%), SDA (+1, 9%) all show comfortable growth in Q2, with the biggest gains seen in Telecom (+9, 9%).

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