Retail in general: Growth for the Belgian non-food market

We noticed a growth this quarter with an index of 101.3 compared to the same period last year. This index is based on the sum of all non-food markets measured by GfK Retail and Technology.

Unfortunately Consumer Electronics keeps on struggling (-7,7%). Although the audio market and Action Cams performed well during the summer months, the video market continues to decline. In Q2 2015 we noticed that the Media and Entertainment market stabilized. Despite this promising trend, the Entertainment market lost again (4,9%) this quarter compared to Q3 2014. Furthermore, the Home Improvement market couldn’t end this quarter positively (-0,3%). Especially the paint sector is suffering strongly.

Nevertheless, we also noted some positive evolutions during the third quarter. Small Domestic Appliances keeps on growing (+2,4%) and Major Domestics Appliances even experienced a record breaking sales period in July (+3,6%).

IT and Office Equipment benefits from a revival in notebook and desktop sales thanks to the demand in business channels (+0,4%). And after two years of negative growth during the Back-to-School period, we see an increase in sales again in Stationary (+4,9%) boosted by positive results for archiving, planning and presentation materials. Last but not least, also the Fashion industry benefited from a good sales period in July and successful back to school period (+2,6%).

Finally Telecom keeps on growing (+5%), although we noticed a downward trend in smartphone sales volume! In value the smartphone market still contributes positively and mobile enhancements keep on growing. Health & Fitness Trackers, Smartwatches and Wrist Sport Computers are becoming more and more a widespread product. Different designs in different price ranges are available for the self-conscious fashionista!

Erik Lejeune - Director Division R&T Belgium