Retail Connect One-to-One by ChannelHub

GfK is happy to announce its content partnership with ChannelHub’s Retail Connect event which will take place virtually between 3-5 November 2020. In this important event, major vendors, retailers and distributors across EMEA can connect One-to-One and GfK will hold 2 keynotes and 4 workshops. GfK’s experts will cover the following topics:

Keynote: Disruption. Acceleration. Innovation – how to create growth in uncertain times.
10:00 - 11:00, November 3rd

Speaker: Tatjana Wismeth 

The Covid-19 pandemic has put markets upside down and brought new challenges to all market players while the time to react was short. Who was able to benefit from recent developments and how to create sustainable resilience for your business? In this session, GfK will outline the impacts Covid-19 has had on high-tech markets on manufacturers, distributors and retailers as well as demonstrate which tech-trends will influence our future and provide growth opportunities for each. This session will cover latest sell-through and sell-out intelligence and gives you insights on latest market trends and channel expectations. A must for every decision maker in the high-tech industry.

Keynote: Retail the new normal
09:45 - 10:30, November 5th 

Speaker: Michael McLaughlin

With market disruption like never before, this year above all others has proven the necessity of robust market intelligence. From lockdowns to the present day, our research is showing consumers and the TCG sector going through significant changes in demand trends, channel mix and purchase behavior. Unexpected retail dynamics have broken established trade patterns and changed market landscapes. In some cases, these dynamics have stirred up brands’ established share of market. And ‘accidental trials’ during lockdown could lead to longer term switching of loyalty – and not just amongst consumers. Retailers too have had to work differently facing surges in demand, or supply difficulties, and found that some ‘alternatives’ did rather well. I will be sharing our very latest Point of Sales market intelligence - showing how this disruption continues to play out. Added to that will be supporting evidence from our consumer insights.

Workshop 1: High-Tech Trends 2020: Opportunities for the telecoms and smart home industry
15:30 - 16:30, November 4th

Speaker: Sebastian Woldmann & Christian Riedl

2020 has been a turbulent year. How did the high-tech markets in Europe perform? We will take a closer look at new categories and the revival of old ‘champions’. GfK will evaluate how vendors, retailers and resellers can benefit from new opportunities, which devices perform on the market, and what we can expect for the rest of 2020.

Workshop 2:  Keeping up with consumers in a rapidly changing world
15:30 - 16:30, November 4th 

Speaker: Mathias Friedrichs

More channels than ever before are accessible to consumers to search, browse and buy products online and offline. To succeed in this demanding environment, businesses need a holistic and up-to-date understanding of their consumers’ purchase behavior at a global scale. This becomes even more important in a world where the Covid-19 pandemic hit consumers and deeply changed their behaviors. In our workshop we will show how consumers’ lives and attitudes were affected by Covid-19 and how this influenced their path to purchase. Did the mindset of consumers change? Why do they decide to buy products? And which touchpoints are important during their decision-making process? Join our workshop to get answers on these and other questions based on the latest insights from GfK’s syndicated data sources.

Workshop 3: A growth driver in every sense: How Gaming is shaping the IT Landscape 
15:30 – 16:30, November 5th

Speaker: Aleksandar Tomasevic 

When discussing possible areas of growth in the IT sector, the go-to answer is usually Gaming. Gaming culture has entered the mainstream, from fairs to E-sport events to Twitch streaming. Various manufacturers have distinct gaming series on offer. But how much of a growth driver is the gaming sector really? What are the mechanics of this market? How have lockdowns around the world affected purchasing and gaming behavior? And what does the typical gamer look like in 2020? Find answers to these questions and more during our session.

Workshop 4: Distribution today & tomorrow – how E-Tail is reinventing distribution markets
15:30 - 16:30, November 5th

Speaker: Tatjana Wismeth

While online business nowadays belongs to an established channel at the POS, E-Tailers are also increasingly entering into new areas of business putting pressure on supply chains and distribution. Is E-Tail becoming a threat for distribution? What impacts on B2B and B2C can be expected due to E-Tailing? Learn about recent developments of the online business and its effects on supply chains. Understand the heartbeat of distribution worldwide and explore the challenges and opportunities given by changing consumer behavior and buying patterns. With a short journey around global distribution markets, this session is a must for every vendor, distributor & retailer/reseller.