NewYork 10.05.2017

Infographic: Reach the cordless American

For consumers, “cutting the cord” to traditional pay-TV reception means giving up less and less; streaming services now boast  features once exclusive to cable and satellite. But for advertisers, losing the cord connection to audiences has been a huge adjustment.

GfK MRI’s Cord Evolution research shows that roughly two in 10 Americans are cordless; they rely solely on streaming, or on “bunny ears” – or they have no TV at all. How can advertisers reach these cordless consumers – a diverse group that numbers more than 48 million people?  

Download the infographic to find out. 

Download the infographic

To learn more about our Cord Evolution study, take a look at a recording from GfK MRI's Karen Ramspacher's recent presentation at the ARF Audience Measurement conference.

Watch the presentation