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Sydney, 09.03.2017

Radio Audience Measurement - GfK Radio Insights

GfK Radio Insights: Summer Listening Habits 

The recently released GfK Radio Insights - The Sound of Summer (formerly known as AudienScope) shows metropolitan and regional radio listening continues to be the most engaging medium with consumers during the summer months, with nearly nine out of ten (86%) respondents indicating they listen to more radio in summer. Radio in both metropolitan and regional areas is reaching a holiday audience that has more time to listen with 91% of listeners agreeing that radio is a great source of information in summer and youth audiences showing the most engagement over the summer period with 28% of 10-24 year olds saying they listen to radio more over summer and 79% of younger audiences agree they more likely to listen to media over summer than watch it.

Radio’s multiplatform strategy continues to attract a younger audience with engagement across a radio station’s website and social media highest for the younger age groups.

  • 64% engage with a radio social media page
  • 55% engage with a radio station website
  • 39% phone a radio station

Ms Joan Warner, chief executive of CRA said: “GfK Radio Insights is an important tool for our sales teams around the country, indicating while some other forms of media consumption decline over the summer, radio remains popular in metropolitan and regional Australia.”

Dr Morten Boyer, General Manager, Media at GfK said: "This GfK Radio Insights study showcases the versatility of radio. In summer, people spend more time outside and away from work, and radio is right there alongside them: informing, entertaining, and engaging the listener. GfK's holistic approach to radio audience measurement was pioneered in Australia together with CRA, and it has attracted a lot of interest from around the world. With the rebranding of these reports to 'GfK Radio Insights' we can launch the same concept internationally, which has already begun in several markets."

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