Positive development within the German Radio Devices market thanks to Digital Radio and Bluetooth

After a rather stable year 2014 the German market for Radio Devices could gain momentum in 2015. The market volume increased by 3.2 percent – when looking at sales value, market growth even reached a plus of 9.2 percent. This means that higher priced models are developing more positively on average and the average price in 2015 has risen to 50 Euros.

Radio Devices with Digital Radio represent one of the most important growth drivers: Their sales value was able to grow by 49 percent in 2015 compared to the previous year – this is even a higher growth rate than in 2014. Also the weight of Digital Radio within Radio Devices is increasing and reached a level of just above 30 percent by value in December 2015.

Apart from that, similar to other audio markets, also for Radio Devices playing music wirelessly from smartphones or laptops is taking on a more and more important role. Radio Devices with Bluetooth increased their sales value in 2015 by more than one third compared to the previous year. Nonetheless, also Radio Devices without Bluetooth were able to grow slightly in 2015.