Ovens sales heating up

With the housing market picking up and a wider trend towards open plan living, integrated appliances have been big winners over the past couple of years. Ovens have enjoyed sustained growth over this period and value sales across the year have increased 15%. This makes it one of the top performing categories in major appliances and brings the value of the market up to £312million.

Single ovens continue to account for over 60% of the category but double ovens have captured share with value sales rising 20%. This follows the common movement towards greater capacity appliances within the kitchen.

The other development is the one towards self-cleaning ovens. No one enjoys the dreaded chore of scrubbing the oven and so products which can do this for you have unsurprisingly grown in popularity. Pyrolytic ovens use extreme heat to burn off any grease leaving the user with the simple task of wiping away the left over residue. They have experienced double digit growth every year since their introduction despite average prices (£609) over twice that of an oven without cleaning capabilities. Sales over the past twelve months have improved by 35% in value with the sector now accounting for 15% of the ovens market.