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To us, diversity means more than gender and race: it's about the experiences, expertise and knowledge that a person has gained. We support a diverse and inclusive workforce. 80% of our employees are based outside Germany. We conduct business in over a dozen languages. And women make up half of our workforce and Management Board. We support our employees equally across all gender, age, religion or creed, sexual orientation, disability or ethnic origins.

We truly value diversity because it makes our company a more interesting place to work - but it's also a business critical issue. We are a community of professionals from a large number of countries, spanning generations and bringing different outlooks and perspectives which allows us to serve our clients best.

This means we have a truly diverse range of business styles, opinions and attitudes to bring to bear on our work with clients. This is a major advantage, because our diversity better reflects the world in which our clients work, and the customers they serve.


We live and breathe knowledge. We gather knowledge from consumers and retailers and we provide insights and deliver knowledge to our clients. And we cultivate the benefits that individuals and communities gain from knowledge by investing in education at schools across the globe.


We believe that a healthy balance between work and lifestyle is crucial for motivated employees and a successful business. Many of our offices offer initiatives designed to promote an attractive balance including:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Remote working arrangements
  • Part-time work

Our remote working options enable our people to work on the move, while travelling or from another location such as a client office or even from home. And so, to give our people the frame to serve our clients best.

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