More Aussies eating healthy and exercising

The results are in and while the average Aussie is spending a little less time with family, friends or pets, it remains our most popular regular activity to maintain physical health according to GfK.

The online survey looked at the exercise habits of 23,000 consumers in 17 countries and compared them with the results from a similar survey it conducted in 2014, which surveyed 21,000 consumers in 16 countries (excluding the Netherlands). Of those surveyed in 2017, 1,239 were Australians.

While Australians rate spending time with family, friends or pets as their top activity for maintaining physical health (67%), it ranks fourth for the rest of the world (62%).

Getting enough sleep remains the top priority for the rest of the world (65%) but is number four on Australia's list (58%).

The number of Australians choosing to eat healthy and nutritious food increased between 2014 and 2017, from 61% to 66%. The study also found that exercise levels increased from 61% to 64%.

One of the most surprising trends, both here and abroad, is that we're worried about the impact technology is having on our lives.

In Australia, 32% said that taking a break from technology or unplugging/disconnecting was a part of their health regimen, up from 28% in 2014.

For the rest of the world, taking a break from technology jumped up 10 points to 35%.

Download the data here.