MIR - Marketing Intelligence Review - 2019/1



MIR - Marketing Intelligence Review - 2019/1

Újabb ingyenesen letölthető kiadvány marketing szakembereknek!

A tartalomból:

  • Reinventing the Retailer: Retaining Relevance and Customer Access
  • Digitalized Interactive Platforms: Turning Goods and Services into Retail Co-Creation Experiences
  • Keeping Loyalty Programs Fit for the Digital Age
  • The Perils of Retail Price Differentiation: Why Nobody Wins When Customers Lose
  • Big Data and Analytics in Retailing
  • E-Commerce in a Physical Store: Which Retailing Technologies Add Real Value?
  • eBay: Transforming an Auction House into a Retailing Platform
  • Technologies Turning Future Brick-and-Mortar Stores into Data-Rich Environments

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