Major Domestic Appliances: White goods on fire

The market of major domestic appliances in Belgium continues to surprise in a positive way with growth in all product families.

The washing machine market grows more than ever before. Especially niche markets such as top loaders and washer-dryers have seen remarkable growth. Tumble dryers are the product group with the most exciting growth but will not surpass a record 2015. Conclusions for dish washers are twofold. The built-in segment continues to gain popularity rapidly with declining average prices while the freestanding machines excel in stability in terms of volume and price.

A lot of volatility was spotted in the ever-stable cooling category. Both cooling and freezing recovered pretty well in September from a blow during summer Sales. It is not a coincidence that September was the hottest on record. American fridges and its multi-door nephews are pushing up the whole cooling family.

More excitement in the cooking category, where the comeback of the cooker deserves attention. For years this segments was in freefall but now the luxurious range cookers make the market (and average prices) boom again. Driven by the steam cooking hype, oven market shows no sign of fatigue. However, the built-in microwave ovens (45cm) are enjoying even more popularity. Contrary to the 60cm oven, prices are on the rise. Finally, Q3 evolutions for both hoods and hobs were bright as well.

Karel Tyberghein - Consultant MDA