Major Domestic Appliances: White goods market not exhausted

There is still no trace of a weakening Belgian white goods market. On the contrary, volumes in Q2 rose even stronger than during past quarters. Hence, Belgium is in line with the general European upward trend.

The washing category is still in excellent shape. Although individual product groups (washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers) will not realize the same growth as last year, they are still comfortable in the black. The category does suffer from falling average prices.

It looks like this year’s star category is cooling. For the first time in a decade’s time, growth of free-standing refrigerators surpasses growth of built-in. After a poor 2015, American fridges and little brother segment French doors are having a splendid comeback with double digit growth. The renewed interest in the chest model segment helped freezers persisting growth.

The cooking product groups display the same growth numbers as last year. Only the cookers market is unable to turn around its negative trend. Hoods prices continue to spike in contrast to the sinking average prices of built-in hobs. To end on a positive note: the free-standing microwave market erases a weak first Q1 with a strong second quarter.

Karel Tyberghein - Consultant MDA