Major Domestic Appliances: White goods industry in healthy shape

With the full year analysis, come the Q4 results. Let’s look back. During the last quarter, sales volumes traditionally shrink month by month. This has everything to do with the typical end-of-year shopping for gifts. After all, who wants a cooker hood for Christmas? Moreover, anticipation grows when approaching the biggest sales period of the year: January Sales. However, at the end of November, we saw a peak in sales. The Black Friday phenomenon is starting to make inroads in the white goods market.

The washing category looks back at a moderate organic growth in all product categories. As expected, energy-efficiency and penetration gains were the drivers for the 2017 growth.

The fridge and freezer family of products is strongly linked with seasons and weather quirks. A major creator of value are the dozens of variations in the multi-door segment. It seems all manufacturers want a piece of the cake.

The category of cooking products has seen a considerable drop in average selling price lately. This is especially the case for induction hobs and ovens. In contrast, manufacturers of range cookers and built-in microwave ovens had to keep up with a steep demand.

Karel Tyberghein - Consultant MDA