Major Domestic Appliances: Major Domestic Appliances continue to grow

The market of major domestic appliances continues its expansion. Q3 growth rate surpassed the current year growth rate so far thanks to another record breaking sales period. Furthermore, most categories experienced a slight increase of average prices.

After a first half year with booming sales, the washing category in general cooled down.  Notwithstanding an undiminished rush for heat pump tumble dryers, nursed by plummeting prices.

The cooking category climbed at a less pronounced pace. Major cooking appliances can benefit from an inflationary condition since the beginning of this year. Only hobs are losing ground. The popularity of compact ovens within the category of microwave ovens is remarkable. At the same time set promotions are clearly gaining importance.

Recent uptake of cooling products has reached a culminating point this summer. Traditionally, cooling is performing well during summer but the exceptional warmth caused appliances to defect, reinforcing the uplift.

Karel Tybergyhein - Consultant MDA