NewYork 30.09.2018

Leveraging new shopper technologies: GfK’s Bereck, Neri to present at P2P Expo

Technological innovation continues to be the No. 1 force transforming the shopper space. Change comes at a dizzying pace and is challenging shopper marketers to simply keep up when they are trying to get ahead.

In an all-new presentation at this week’s Path to Purchase (P2P) Expo, GfK will apply its shopper expertise to help attendees profit from the shifting technology landscape. In “Not Your Father’s Shopping Cart,” GfK’s Stacy Bereck (Managing Director [NA], Consumer Insight) and Tom Neri (Commercial Director [NA], Tech & Durables) will profile emerging and key trends, pairing them with both examples and insights.

Attendees will:

  • Explore the transformative power of technology trends in shopping and shopping behaviors, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, visual search, and blockchain – illuminated with marketplace examples.
  • Discover the three things they can start today to get ahead of emerging technology and understand how these devices and services affect the activation of shopper insights.
  • Learn the top three longer-term changes shopper professionals should put into motion in the near future and how to prepare for the next wave of tech innovations.

The P2P Expo is being held October 2 to 4 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

To learn more about GfK’s presentation, write to stacy.bereck(at) and tom.neri(at)