June 2016 – the European Championship drives the TV market in Germany

Every two years a sport event drives the sales for TVs in Germany: the European and World Football Championships. In 2016 it was the European Championship from June 10 till July 10 2016 in France. But when were most sales achieved? What kind of TVs were sold? 

The highest growth rate compared to the previous year period is traditionally achieved in the week of the opening game. In 2016 it was week 23 (June 5 - June 11) with a unit growth of 65 percent and a value growth of even 81 percent in GfK’s Panelmarket. Just in week 23 161.000 TVs were sold worth 101 million Euro. 

Besides the opening week, especially the weeks just before the tournament show a positive development. In Germany, growth started in week 20 (May 15 - May 21) and gradually picked up speed in the following weeks. During the Championship, growth rates calmed down again, but were still positive in value.

Putting May and June 2016 together, 230.000 more TV units were sold than in last year’s period. 

Looking at the first half year 2016, the TV market in Germany performed positive in units (+0.9 percent) and value (+3.9 percent). This means, that especially higher valued products were sold compared to last year. 

Pic 1: Growth rates in the TV market during the European Championship

Besides the overall unit and value growth a clear trend towards larger TV screens is visible – especially in the weeks before the tournament. 55’’ and larger TVs were sold comparably much more. In week 23 26.5 unit percent of the TV market were sold in this size. Also compared to the previous year period a trend towards larger screens becomes visible. In the first half of 2016 every fifth (19.7 percent) sold TV unit is 55‘‘or larger. In the first half 2015 it was 16.7 percent.

Besides the development towards larger screens the 32‘‘segment could gain back shares in 2016. For the first time in a long while the segment could also grow in absolute numbers again. Many offers made the consumer take the opportunity and pushed the unit share to 24.4 percent.