Hybrid technology holding its own in decorative sundries

Over the last 12 months DIY decorative sundries* have been in decline by -6.4% value and -7.9% volume year-on-year (YOY).

Part of this decline can be attributed to where Easter fell. Easter this year fell into April and last year was in March, however, we have seen decline in every month YOY.

There has been absolute decline across each category in decorative sundries.  One of the categories to have declined the least is DIY adhesive tapes. While masking tape remains the most important segment to this category, it is losing share to cloth and mounting tapes. Absolute growth of 4.4% value and 1.6% volume is seen in mounting tapes, an example of an easy solution to mount picture frames and signs. 

Two key areas in decorative sundries are declining, sealants by -6.6% and DIY adhesives by -4.6% in value.  However, there is a segment in growth which is MS polymer ‘hybrid’ sealant/adhesives, which have high performance capabilities. Hybrid sealant/adhesives grew 5.8% in value, alongside a 5.2% price increase, meaning demand was flat at 0.6%. They represent 6.4% of the total value of the DIY adhesive and sealant categories. We have been seeing growth in this segment for over 5 years and it will be interesting to see whether consumers will continue to see the benefits and pay the price premium for hybrid sealants adhesives.

*Total DIY decorative sundries includes DIY adhesives (ex. Drywall) , sealants, tile fixing, fillers, DIY adhesive tapes, wallpaper paste, painting aids and paint and varnish remover.

GfK Point of Sales Tracking, GB Market, GfK Panel market excluding garden centres April 2016 – March 2017 versus April 2015 – March 2016.