Holiday celebrations with pets: Evaluating growth opportunities through Social Media Intelligence (SMI)




Sales of holiday themed treats in the US Pet Specialty market doubled from $3.8M in 2014 to $7.7M in 2015. During this time period, Christmas and Halloween treat sales increased on average 262%.

There are many opportunities in this high growth area, but how can you optimize your market strategy to ensure it captures the voice, desires and unmet needs of pet owners?

In this webinar, GfK's Natasha Stevens, SVP, Digital Market Intelligence, and Jackie Kearney, Business Development Manager, POS US, will:

  • Share social media insights on how pet owners celebrate with their "loved ones"
  • Explore how mining social media for emerging trends in this arena can shed new light on pet owner experiences
  • Discuss how these learnings can optimize your marketing strategy, surface white space and gain a competitive advantage

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