Health and wellness today: The consumer perspective

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Americans’ approach to health is undergoing a major shift. And the result is poised to reshuffle thinking and practices in businesses from prescription and over-the-counter drugs, to health insurance and health care, to categories from digital technology to fitness to food and diet.

In this insight-rich, data-based webinar, drawn from GfK’s authoritative trend surveys of consumers in the US and around the world, Jon Berry, Vice President of GfK Consumer Life (Roper Reports®) addresses:

  • Consumers’ point of view on what’s right – and wrong – with health care today; the changes they’re making to get healthy (and where they see themselves falling short); the frustrations they’re having with new technologies like health monitors; and how they want to age (hint: it’s not the way their parents did).
  • The larger context of the major shift in values we’re seeing among Americans and around the world, which is roiling the society and marketplace – and creating significant opportunity.
  • How businesses in health and wellness should be speaking to these emerging trends in their new-product innovation and their marketing and advertising.

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