GfK webinar demonstrates how CRESTA zones lead to better reinsurance outcomes

GfK webinar shows importance of boundary data to risk management

An Intelligent Insurer-hosted webinar on September 10 from 4-5pm CEST will demonstrate the vital role played by GfK boundary data such as CRESTA zones in successfully managing risk in the insurance and reinsurance industries. A use case by ImageCat shows how GfK boundary data brings greater clarity and precision to exposure data and allows it to be aggregated and shared more effectively.

GfK is a leading provider of administrative, postal and CRESTA boundary data specifically designed for reinsurance applications. The Intelligent Insurer-hosted webinar titled “Improving exposure data quality and usability with GfK boundary data” shows how GfK geodata supports risk management activities, such as loss assessment, forecast modeling and premium adjustment.

“In this age of big data, enormous amounts of information are available to modelers, underwriters and others in the reinsurance industry, “ explains Christopher C. Guider, marketing manager at GfK and a presenter at the forthcoming webinar. “But big data alone doesn’t offer meaningful insights without first organizing and making sense of it. Using GfK boundary data such as CRESTA zones, reinsurers can geographically link, analyze and display information in a way that reveals otherwise unseen trends and relationships. Put simply, good boundary data is necessary to turn mere information into actual insights.”

The webinar features a use case by ImageCat that shows firsthand how this GfK partner and provider of risk and disaster management technologies uses CRESTA zones to extract insights from exposure data in areas prone to natural catastrophes, such as Turkey. The use case also demonstrates how GfK’s CRESTA zones make it easy to aggregate risk data and then efficiently and accurately share the results with others in the industry. An example from GfK shows how combining boundary data with relevant market data helps manage risk more effectively in Southeast Asia.

To register for the GfK webinar on September 10, visit https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4983526924801237506.

The GfK webinar is aimed at reinsurers, reinsurance companies and brokers; risk modelers; GIS users who work in a reinsurance context; and those interested in learning more about how boundary data supports (re)insurance applications. Direct any questions to Matthias Hauschild, GfK, T +49 7251 9295 233, matthias.hauschild(at)gfk.com.

Additional information on GfK’s offering for the reinsurance industry can be found at http://www.gfk-geomarketing.com/reinsurance.

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