global 09.09.2022

Taking action: GfK’s sustainability activities 2021

We, like many others, have used the disruption of recent years to innovate new ways to work and live. We have torn down established assumptions around office working and travel and placed a renewed emphasis on the universal health and well-being of our colleagues and communities.

This shines out in our commitment around continually improving and increasing our positive action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Or, to put it in our own language, we focus with passion on our People, Partners and Planet.

During 2021, we accelerated our focus on our sustainability agenda and ambitions, making our corporate carbon footprint calculation an annual exercise and enabling us to track our progress and take targeted action faster. We also committed to increasing the share of women in our senior leadership and closing any identified gender pay gaps within two years (i.e., by 2023). 

You can see full details on everything we have pledged to do around People, Partners and Planet, and the progress we've already made towards these goals, in our latest Sustainability Report. 

We believe that it is only by setting ourselves ambitious targets that we will make the world a better place. We recognize the challenges of the task we have set ourselves, and we will tackle these, improve through experience, and continually invite and acknowledge feedback to keep us moving in the right direction.

Read our pledges and progress:

GfK's Sustainability Report 2021