GfK successfully launches new RAM survey results in New Zealand

We’re delighted to announce that on Thursday 5 May, we released the results of our first RAM survey as part of our new 5-year Media Measurement contract with the New Zealand radio JIC: the Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA). 

The launch of the survey was a major milestone for the local radio industry as it unites all the broadcasters (commercial, government, and independents) under the same RAM agreement for the first time. In addition, the new GfK RAM service expands the geographical coverage of the sample, whilst also doubling the frequency of reporting. We also introduced the GfK paper diary, e-diary and Probe software. Our Radio Insights strategic reports will debut in New Zealand later in 2016. 

Dr Morten Boyer, Head of Media and Entertainment, APAC said, “We are very proud of this launch, not least because this is the first time the commercial networks have switched research vendor in over 20 years. We also had the challenge of managing many stakeholders as part of this project. I’m delighted to say that the launch of the first survey was well received by the industry. We received strong local press coverage and positive feedback from the major networks. "I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has worked on the successful implementation of this strategically important project. A special thanks must also go to the Radio Broadcasters Association and the New Zealand radio industry for their invaluable support and partnership”.