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GfK releases RegioGraph 2023

Update of geomarketing software now available

GfK has released the latest version of its geomarketing software RegioGraph. In addition to updated 2023 maps and purchasing power data, RegioGraph 2023 contains numerous new features. Users will be able to subdivide their sales territories into weekday territories, view all of their sales territory planning steps and criteria in an activity log, assign branch customer visits to a network center, or calculate drive-time zones within territory boundaries, among other new additions.

RegioGraph offers companies from all industries an easy-to-use yet powerful software solution for all location-related decisions, such as market and target group analyses, sales territory planning and optimization, and expansion planning. Thanks to the software, they can visualize their internal company data such as customers and sales on the digital map and link it to other detailed data on potential such as GfK Purchasing Power 2023, which is already included. This allows users to see at a glance where the company has weaknesses in terms of market development, where new market opportunities can be found, and how these can be efficiently developed. RegioGraph’s areas of application range from target group localization, product line and marketing optimization to sales territory planning, and the planning of effective branch or delivery networks.

Patrick de la Chaux, product manager and RegioGraph training instructor for GfK’s Geomarketing solution area, explains: “With RegioGraph 2023, users can now perform complex analyses even faster at the touch of a button. The software's innovations are aimed at implementing customer requests that result in work simplification and process optimization. For example, as of this version, drive-time zones can be calculated within territory boundaries to see at a glance how far an employee can drive and thus achieve maximum accessibility in the territory. It was also important to us to further develop the RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on in order to facilitate digital collaboration within the team and provide users with a tool that allows them to quickly and easily access and analyze their territories and locations while on the road.”

New additions to the 2023 software version:

  • Subdivision of territories into weekday territories: Sales territories can be divided into weekday areas. This allows users to plan their customer visits even more efficiently.
  • Creation of connected locations planning: Branch customer visits are assigned to a network center – across regional boundaries. Each sales colleague will then see at a glance how many visits should be planned in the network.
  • Creation of an activity log: Sales territory planning takes place automatically in a new layer with a new territory structure and is stored in the log file, so all work steps can be tracked at any time.
  • Calculation of drive-time zones within territory boundaries: Drive-time zones are optimally calculated through area limitations. This way each employee can see exactly how far they can drive and achieve maximum accessibility in the territory.
  • Selection by drive-time zone in RegioGraph TeamConnect: Users can now select their preferred catchment area from various geographic components such as drive-time zone, distance, viewing window, or free polygon.
  • Customer selection: Users can select customers in RegioGraph TeamConnect or combine the various geographical selection options with the first selection.
  • Current maps and data (purchasing power, inhabitants and households) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as of 2023, or for another European country of choice (the latest available status for each).

About RegioGraph

First launched in 1991 by GfK’s Geomarketing solution area, RegioGraph offers comprehensive tools for answering the many location-based questions faced by companies as part of their sales, marketing and performance evaluation endeavors. With more than 40,000 users, RegioGraph has received numerous awards for innovation and is Germany’s most popular geomarketing solution. The software also continues to gain in popularity among the international community. GfK offers both English and German versions of the software along with worldwide digital maps to support the geocoding, visualization and analysis of address data as well as any information with a location component.

The desktop versions of RegioGraph – Analysis, Planning and Strategy – include GfK Purchasing Power and digital maps for a European country of choice. RegioGraph Strategy can be obtained with data on B2C and B2B potential that allows users to carry out granular analyses at the level of street segments in Germany. The RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on, which allows users to share results online with team members to provide them with up-to-date planning insights, is additionally available when ordering RegioGraph.

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