Bruchsal 24.03.2020

GfK releases RegioGraph 2020

New version of geomarketing software now available

GfK has released a new version of its geomarketing software RegioGraph. In addition to the latest maps and purchasing power data, RegioGraph 2020 offers an enhanced planning interface, a new layer of Europe’s two-digit postcodes and expanded features for the online-based RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on, among other new additions.

Companies from all industries use RegioGraph to analyze and display any data with a location component. This reveals trends and relationships in their information that are otherwise hard to spot. By incorporating detailed data on potential, such as the included GfK Purchasing Power 2020, users can pinpoint promising locations and regions in their markets. These location insights help decision-makers involved with sales, marketing and expansion endeavors illuminate weaknesses in their operations and discover new market opportunities. The software also offers professional tools for planning sales territories, analyzing branch networks and optimizing advertising distribution regions. As such, RegioGraph delivers objective insights that bring clarity to any business decision with a location component.

GfK’s software developers add new features and enhancements to RegioGraph on an annual basis in order to respond to evolving market trends and users’ needs. 

“Last year, we created the RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on in response to our clients’ request for the ability to share results and insights from the desktop version of RegioGraph with their colleagues online,” explains Patrick de la Chaux, senior consultant and RegioGraph training instructor for GfK’s Geomarketing solution area. “After receiving such positive feedback, we spent this past year working on new developments for RegioGraph TeamConnect, which now supports the utilization and display of almost all types of analyses available in the software. RegioGraph 2020 also offers numerous new features that help users carry out regional analyses and make business decisions with greater confidence, even amidst complex, rapidly changing markets.”

New additions to the 2020 software version:

  • Enhanced planning view: A new dashboard interface allows users to plan more effectively thanks to side-by-side viewing of a map, table and charts and easy access to powerful sales territory optimization tools.
  • RegioGraph TeamConnect: This add-on lets users share results online with their team for more streamlined decision-making. Compared to the 2019 version, the new add-on imports legends and labeling options exactly as they are in the associated RegioGraph project. Users can display almost any type of analysis and access an overview table with a filter function for each layer.
  • Layer of Europe’s two-digit postcodes: Beginning with the 2020 version of the software, a map of Europe’s two-digit postcodes is included with RegioGraph.
  • The software also comes with the latest maps and data (purchasing power, households, inhabitants) for a European country of choice.

RegioGraph supports a broad range of tasks ranging from locating target groups and optimizing marketing campaigns and sales territories to creating more effective store and supply networks.

About RegioGraph
First launched in 1991 by GfK’s Geomarkting solution area, RegioGraph offers comprehensive tools for answering the many location-based questions faced by companies as part of their sales, marketing and performance evaluation endeavors. With around 40,000 users, RegioGraph has received numerous awards for innovation and is Germany’s most popular geomarkting solution. The software also continues to gain in popularity among the international community. GfK offers both English and German versions of the software along with worldwide digital maps to support the geocoding, visualization and analysis of address data as well as any information with a location component.

The desktop versions of RegioGraph – Analysis, Planning and Strategy – include GfK Purchasing Power and digital maps for a European country of choice. The RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on is additionally available for RegioGraph Planning and RegioGraph Strategy. RegioGraph Strategy can be obtained with data on B2C and B2B potential that allows users to carry out granular analyses at the level of street segments in Germany.

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