GB premium paint positive in an overall declining market

The total paint* market achieved its twelfth consecutive month of decline. This fall reached -8.2% in value and was even bigger in litres (-9.5%) in the first quarter of 2017 versus 2016. All of the different paint categories suffered due to this negative situation, which has been heightened by the calendar, as Easter occurred in March in 2016.

Despite this decline in total paint there were still some growth drivers ,especially on premium segments such as in-store mixed emulsions. Thus bases were the fastest growing segment in emulsion paint and they increased by 15.5%, while total emulsion declined by 8.8% in value. Similar trends can be observed in trim paint with bases growing (+4.5%) however the decline of total trim is -6.9% in value.

The total paint market seems to be somewhat impacted by the current uncertain situation, however there is still an important section of consumers who are willing to spend on more premium products; such as base paints or durable emulsion. It also suggests that they are trading up, as on every category except masonry, value decline was not as great as litres decline.

We shall eagerly watch paint sales in quarter two, with the traditional exterior paints season and the importance of the Easter break in April, along with May’s bank holidays.

*Total paint = includes emulsion paint, trim paint, masonry paint, specialist paints, primers & undercoats, decorative plaster.

(Total paint: GfK Panelmarket excluding Garden centres, January to March 2017 compared to January to March 2016)