Fashion market back on track!

We are happy to report that the Fashion Market is back on track after 3 quarters, with a growth in value of +1.2% compared to the same 9 months last year.

The growth is mainly seen at Total Outerwear (+2.9%) and this for all genders. Also Underwear & Legwear was able to grow with +1.3%, together with the Personal Accessories (+2.2%). Shoes are still under pressure up until now with -5% after the first 3 quarters of 2017. Especially Shoes for Women and Men are declining strongly, where, on the other hand, Shoes for Kids and Babies were able to grow.

We started Q3 negative with -7.2% in July, where we noticed that this summer sale month is not the most important month anymore regarding total turnover in 2017. Luckily August somewhat made up for the loss in July with +1.1% compared to the same period last year. Eventually there was an exceptionally good September which made the market grow until now, with a growth of +20.7% in value.

Hopefully, the Fashion Market will keep on following this positive path, we are looking forward to the total year figures.

Thalia De Mesmaeker – Market Analyst fashion