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Explore the world of the Connected Consumers through our insights

Consumers are more connected than ever. New technologies and the benefits they bring have a significant impact on people’s behavior and their relationships with brands. But what does that mean for your business?

Explore the world of the Connected Consumers through our insights, shared through a wide range of materials, from thought-provoking blogs to videos, whitepapers and webinars:

  • Compare and forecast the rise of connectivity at a global and local level with our unique Connected Consumer Index. It provides a single measure covering how much, and on what devices, consumers in each of 78 countries and 8 world regions digitally connect with each other and with digital content.
  • Advances in technology are a dominant force across every industry. To help you prepare for future consumer demand, we have identified key Tech Trends.
  • Get to grips with consumer awareness and understanding of the Smart Home – from the benefits to the barriers.
  • Choice, price, convenience, and experience remain the four key factors to success in retail, but new battlegrounds are also emerging. We offer retailers fresh insights into how to win the battle for the Future of Retail.
  • Don’t miss our Connected Talk newsletter. We’ll share the latest trends from our industry and market data, helping you anticipate and prepare for their impact on your business.
  • Explore further Connected Consumer topics around Connected Traveler, Fashion & Lifestyle Revolution, Financial Futures and the Future of Radio.

Technology is revolutionizing consumers, brands and businesses at speed, and it’s essential to keep up. Start your journey through the world of the Connected Consumer now!

Explore the Connected Consumer

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