Enhance brand relationships with GfK Brand Vivo



"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room."

GfK's Brand Vivo tracks and manages the health of your consumer-brand relationships. We study relationships, identify brand equity and uncover new opportunities, all leading to a more successful brand portfolio.

See examples of our thought leadership pieces below.

"Unlock the Mysteries of Your Customer Relationships" by Jill Avery, Susan Fournier, and John Wittenbraker
Harvard Business Review

"How Gens X and Y relate to the brands in their lives" by Jo-Ann Osipow and Kathy Sheehan
Quirk's Marketing Research Review

"Behavioral economics of brand success" with John Wittenbraker and Helen Zeitoun
GfK video

"Millennials and brands: building strong connections" with Jo-Ann Osipow and Kathy Sheehan
GfK video

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