CRC 22.09.2020

How brands can help in the digital divide under the COVID-19 pandemic

Design can transform customer experiences – and create bridges to “lost” populations

October 15 | 4 pm EST

As 2020 began, our world was already undergoing major disruption – from AI and machine learning to 5G and the XR ecosystems. The Coronavirus pandemic has made the dividing line between digital “haves” and “have-nots” even clearer – as well as between the “savvy” and the “tech-stragglers.”

Together, GfK and AARP will show how insights and science are revealing a potential ‘left-behind generation' emerging from the pandemic, and how this insight is shaping AARP's policies and advocacy for a better future. We will also unpack opportunities for bringing more consumers into the digital fold, through inclusive design and other real-world strategies.


Dr. Alison Bryant, SVP. Research & Enterprise Lead for Technology Impact, AARP

Dr. Alison Bryant leads the world-class Research Center and heads up the Technology impact area for AARP.  In these roles, she is focused on helping the organization, consumers, and external stakeholders understand, engage with, and innovate for the 50+ consumer and their families.  She is a renowned expert on the impact of media, technology, and play on consumers. Prior to AARP, she was the founder and co-CEO of PlayScience, a research and design firm that led innovation around branding, content creation and development for major global companies. Alison was also Senior Director of Digital Research & Strategy for the Nickelodeon/MTV Networks Kids & Family Group. Before joining Nickelodeon, she was an assistant professor of communication at Indiana University. She has three edited books -The Children's Television Community, Television and the American Family (2nd Ed), and Service-Learning in the University Classroom - and over 30 research articles and chapters. Alison earned her Ph.D. from the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California.

Jola Burnett, VP, GfK Consumer Life

Jola Burnett is a VP at GfK Consumer Life. Jola is obsessed with the future and has expansive experience in helping brands across industries to prepare for consumers of tomorrow. Jola delivers hard-hitting insights helping organizations set strategic innovation and marketing priorities and identify non-traditional growth opportunities. She is an alumni of Pace University, a member of the Market Research Council and a thought-leader on social media

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