Consumer Electronics: CE market stabilizing

After a heavy second quarter, the CE market is stabilizing and grows 0.5% in value, the volume on the contrary decreases with 2%.

If we compare to the same quarter last year, we see a positive trend within loudspeakers and drones which achieved a growth in Value and volume as well. Predominantly drones, realized a triple digit value growth of 162%.

Two key reasons why consumers are buying drones, as a toy and for imaging purposes. A perfect product for taking pictures and filming during holidays out of the blue sunny sky with or without the “follow me feature”.

From a sunny sky and growing product groups we move to a different story, the television business. The market is declining -6% in volume, however it is only declining -1% in value thanks to the further development of the Oled segment which is driving the average sales price up.

Oled is gaining more ground within the television market whereas five major players entered the market.

Let us end this story on a positive note with docking/minispeakers which are showing smooth moves with a double-digit growth in both value (21%) and volume (37.5%). A very popular device in the summer for playing your favorite playlists on the beach or at a garden party.

Chris Renders – Consultant Consumer Electronics & Telecom