Connected Car in the Aftermarket

Connected Cars have been one highlight beginning this year. On CES in Las Vegas E-Cars or Self-driving cars have been one of the hot topics. But even the aftermarket shows a remarkable positive development, since devices already offer e.g. cloud based services which add value for the customer.

The market for Portable Navigation Devices (PND) has stabilized.

Manufacturers not only offer bigger displays, but also better traffic information for the customer. This information can be transferred by RDS/TMC to the device, with a built-in SIM Card or with smartphones, linked with Bluetooth, via an GSM connection.

Fixed InCarElectronic markets, such as Car Audio, Car Vision or Fixed Navigation Devices, are still under pressure; even the decline is less significant than in the past.

This is linked to the fact, that manufacturers distribute more models which can be paired via different technologies to smartphones and mirror the smartphone content on their screens. Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink or Abalta Weblink are just a few possibilities which allow to use connected entertainment or mobile services during driving.

As a conclusion, it can be said, that InCar Electronics aftermarkets are still declining but the customers see added value in connected devices and buy them. Connected Devices stimulate these markets; even if it is yet a niche. A silver lining is clearly visible!